i forgot what to put here but any songs / anime recs???
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Angie's dream conner
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Hello hello web surfer and stranger of the internet !
A homemade and self-learning site created from little and delicate hand of 14 yrs old this site is in construction since the twenty two of mars 2024 !
And for the rare people that i have show you this site irl or in other platform such as tiktok of ig (please follow me pls): salut j'espere que tu aimera faire le tour de mon site et que tu attendras quelle sois en belle etat et que toi aussi tu voudras créer le tient !
ps : special note to futur me !
i dont know if your are watching or you totally forget about that but just to let you know that its never to late to learn about something you never know what you can learn from it!
"never be a loser"

21.05.2024 updated the "about me " page !go check out ?
and grell shrine on the making ( no sneakpeek allow)
24.04.2024 added a shrine front page (wip)!
19.04.2024 change the home page again...
16.04.2024 added a music player!
15.04.2024 once again the first page has change!
15.04.2024 change up the menu!
14.04.2024 news buttons added !
12.04.2024 angelz id page update!
10.04.2024 fixed first page + new button added!
09.04.2024 first page update!
09.04.2024 creation of this update box!
22.03.2024 creation of this site!
entry siteweb???
create a shrine
make blog conner
make an art gallery
make a collection show
make a music/show review page
ressource conner
site map
make a button
whishlist page
a visual novel????
i need to think more
cool site I RRLY LIKE IT POSEUR LOVEBERRY hillhouse go4hoon Velvet Blue
my socials